Fear of

speaking out keeps

poets silent, real words fearlessly spoken are the true need.

— Ms Hissa Hilal (Saudi poet)

‘Amazan’ is derived from the Iranian word hamazan or ‘warriors’

and serves to re-shape the mythology of ‘The Amazons’— a society

of women, mothers and fierce warriors residing in Asia Minor

(5th century BC). Amazan delivers a powerful message

of fearlessness and forward thinking in a time of

critical, equality reform. Through Eastern influenced

music, dance, design and spoken word, Amazan

unifies a diverse collective of women to

challenge current social and cultural norms.


The Amazan project pushes the ancient

music boundary bridging new worlds

with old, it infuses classical and modern

elements while exploring ancient themes

delving in eastern European industrialism,

Baltic and Black Sea folklore and time

honored Middle Eastern history.


Amazan is performed as a non-stop, epic-trance,

visual opera weaving electronic rhythms,

thunderous percussion, live instrumentation and

vocals performed in multi-languages.


The music program explores Eastern influenced World music through traditional instrumentation accelerated with industrial electronica and highlighted by live performance, dance and design through projected images.



This highly unique, concept oriented, multi-arts project delivers what few artists are creating today and most World Music festivals have

little access to—the epic, emotional and larger than life

performance act that unites a crowd ceremonially,

ideologically and consciously through trance,

psychedelia and a rich hybrid of big stage, rock-

opera energy mixed with traditional World

music instrumentation, electrifying vocals,

dance, story telling and compelling visuals.


Amazan introduces several new artists to

the multi-arts performance world both

on stage and off as the project draws in

talent from different arts sectors including;

fashion, design, film and video, dance,

choreography, poetry and music.


Combined, the Amazan collective of artists

has a vast portfolio of performance experience

ranging from international music festivals to

concert halls, auditoriums, churches, clubs,

television and feature film.


Amazan features a variety of diverse artists with each performance.  The production is scalable and is designed to include local performers and volunteers to inspire community engagement and culture bridging.


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Amazan is project of hawkhaus entertainment.