Co-Producer, Performer


Elizabeth Graham fronts the highly progressive and innovative industrial, electronic project, Konqistador. Graham has  over  10 years of touring and recording experience in Eastern European, Baltic and Central Asian regions. Elizabeth delivers vocals in English, Turkish, Arabic and Romanian. Graham produced music for CW Network's Supernatural fantasy/drama series.








Producer, Performer


Musician, recording artist, performer and ethnographic documentary film maker Reginald Tiessen, has over 20 years of arts practice experience. He regularly collaborates with artists all around the world and has executed several international, cultural exchange, arts initiatives in Australia, Turkey and Eastern Europe, all in the lead up to Amazan, his first large scale, multidisciplinary arts production.


Creative Consultant, Atmospheric Director


Adam Marz is the founder of Marz Inc. and its subsidiary division, Marz Lighting. A passionate musician, Adam is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the band Solidarity. Having had the opportunity to travel the world with several international recording artists as a lighting designer, Adam has brought home with him innovative lighting techniques and technology.





Creative Consultant, Choreographer, Dancer


Melissa Williams is one of the most innovative director/choreographers working in the entertainment industry today. Seasoned in providing professional and expert consultation in areas that include casting, production, dance choreography, musical staging, movement consultation, and creative direction. She is known for her work on Showgirls (1995), Hairspray (2007) and Between the Lies (1997).





Creative Consultant, Designer


Christy Litster is an Artist and Fashion Designer based out of Windsor, ON. She has shown two conceptual lines of clothing at [FAT] Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week and designed for major corporations including designing a limited edition Barbie for Mattel Canada and uniform programs for over 35 casinos across North America. In 2013, Christy produced SKIN | Windsor's Alternative Arts and Culture Show.


Creative Consultant, Designer


Jeffery Wood is a highly accomplished hairstylist that has worked in television, music videos, and fashion photo shoots. This former competition winner has worked as an educator, platform artist and has over 10 years experience owning and managing T'Dye For, one of the top, high-end salons in Windsor.





Music Director, Performer


Victor has performed throughout North, Central and South America, Europe and Middle East on a variety of instruments. He performs regularly as part of the Michigan Arab Orchestra in his native Detroit, Michigan. Victor's highest achievement came with the opportunity to perform on Starz Network's Xena Warrior Princess and Spartacus fantasy/drama series.





Music Consultant, Performer


Naghmeh is a Persian percussionist who comes from a musical family. She is the daughter of one of the leading percussion masters of Iran, Mahmoud Farahmand.  She has performed with Dead Can Dance, Anton Apostolov  and  regularly tours internationally with MEZRAAB Ensemble.






Roxi DLite is a Canadian burlesque performer, model and photographer from Windsor, Canada. She was crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Miss Exotic World 2010 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Roxi facilitates curation for Theatre Bizarre, Detroit's infamous Halloween theater production attracting over 5000 in attendance annually.



 Credit: J DeHetre Photography


Creative Consultant, Performer


Fusing modern belly-dance with classic Oriental, Kendra is a rising figure in the USA and Canadian dance communities. Ray is currently consulting Olympian ice dancers on their Persian-inspired skating program as they compete to represent the USA in the 2014 winter games in Sochi. In addition, she is acting as an international liaison for a multi-disciplinary non-profit dance theatre in Toronto.


Audio Designer


Janin Pasniciuc is based in Bucharest, Romania and works in collaboration with Amazan music creators to develop unique arrangements and soundscapes to fuel the productions music score. Janin is a practicing recording and touring artist, producer and sound engineer working in several Eastern European markets.






Canadian/Iraqi model, dancer and actor, Mimo Bloree performs of variety of Middle Eastern styled bellydance and Khalji. Mimo has appeared in television productions such as; Nikkita, The Beautiful People, Covert Affairs and Amercian Pie. She enjoys collaborating with fashion artists, photographers and film makers.





Writer, Poet, Creative Contributor


Shields has made her home, her family and her work life flourish in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her passion for writing was discovered at a very young age through the vein of writing in a journal.   She mentors, guest speaks and teaches creative writing. She also does Poetry On Demand, on-the-spot poetry that helps make poetry fun and accessible for all.




Writer, Poet, Creative Contributor


Perth, Australian born, New York/San Francisco based writer and poet, Jacqueline K. Bennett's work demonstrates a true affinity to Middle Eastern storytelling, and the plight of Arab and Arab Muslim women conveyed through themes of gender equality, human rights, freedom of speech and self expression.





Movement Artist


Rachael Ahn Harbert is a Detroit movement artist and educator, with an ever so special interest in performance improvisation. She is a collaborating artist with Nerve and LaMarre and Dancers, and is an Artist in Residence through Spread Art @detroit contemporary. Rachael is constantly investigating nature and catharsis, presenting her findings through performance and visual art. Also, she loves to jam




Visually Projected Performer


Toronto based Mariana Castro originates from Mexico. She studied video production and photography upon newly arriving in Canada and is currently developing a career in hair design. Mariana gravitates towards all things 'electronica' an avid festival goer, she brings a modern energy to Amazan through her visually projected performance.




Visually Projected Performer


Melbourne, Australia / London, UK based Tiger Mei debuted in Konqistador's Electriker music video. The video concept explored body paint inspired by Native American warrior traditions which fueled the creation direction of the Amazan production look.





Production Support


Darryl Litster is a Musician and Conceptual Artist based in Windsor Ontario. He currently freelances as a session musician and holds a degree in Music specializing in Jazz performance and composition. He has assisted in the curation and production of various art shows including SKIN | Windsor's Independent Arts and Culture Show.




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